WhatsApp SME Integration

A comprehensive step by step guide on how to integrate WhatsApp SME as a channel into OneTalk by TapTalk.io.

Integrating OneTalk with WhatsApp SME will allow you to receive and reply incoming messages from WhatsApp in your inbox.

Before you get started: You will need a WhatsApp account number with an accessible mobile phone at your reach.

Integrating WhatsApp SME can only be done if your role is Owner or Admin.

Step 1: Create a WhatsApp SME channel

Start by clicking Integration on the side menu.

A submenu should appear with different channel options, go ahead and select WhatsApp SME.

Fill out the Account Name form.

Pro tip: Fill out your Account Name as your selected WhatsApp account phone number.

After you have filled out your form, go ahead and select a topic for this channel (you can change this later). This topic list will correspond to the topics you have created in the Topics page.

If you don't find the desired topic to choose from, you can always add a topic.

A pop-up displaying the Terms and Condition of using WhatsApp SME will appear with the following terms:

  • I acknowledge there is a possiblity of this WhatsApp SME number being banned by WhatsApp SME for sending marketing, promotion, spam messages to one or more recipients at once.

  • I understand that exceeding the recommended usage can also result in ban by WhatsApp SME.

  • I take full responsibilty for any repercussions resulted.

After accepting the terms and conditions above, you will be directed to the page Review Payment. Below you'll see:

  1. Your WhatsApp SME plan (this plan varies depending on the tier you have chosen for OneTalk, you can see more in detail on our pricing page).

  2. Your current Payment Method (the default will be set to manual if you have not updated it).

The total amount due will change depending if you choose to pay monthly or annually for your WhatsApp SME channel

Caution: If you decide to change payment method, keep in mind that you will lose all the progress you have made so you will have to repeat step 1.

Manual Payments: Please allow up to 24 hours for our team to setup your channel after your payment has been verified. You will need to complete the payment before it reaches the due date once the invoice is generated.

Annual Payments: Please allow up to 24 hours for our team to setup your channel after your payment has been verified. Your next payment will be auto deducted from the card above once it reaches the due date.

Step 2: Confirm and Make Payment

Once you have clicked Confirm and Make Payment an alert should appear on the bottom left of the screen:

Your next screen will depend on which payment method you have chosen to create this channel.

Select one of the steps below according to your payment method:

Manual Payment method instructions

If you have selected manual payment, you will be redirected to Invoice Detail.

Please make payment before the due date as stated under the invoice title. To make payment follow the instruction that is beside the total due:

Important Note: Before transferring, please make sure you pay exactly as the total states in the invoice

Once you have transferred, please email the payment proof as an image or PDF to sales@taptalk.io, don't forget to include your business name and invoice number in the body message.

Please allow up to 24 hours for you payment to be verified.

To find out whether your payment has been verified, select WhatsApp SME on the left side menu and jump to step 3.

Automatic Payment method instructions

If you have selected automatic payment, you will be redirected to Verify Payment.

Keep in mind that this view may vary depending on what type of card you have chosen

Follow the instructions that will appear in the above view. Once success you be redirected to your newly created channel details.

Step 3: Setting up your WhatsApp SME

There are quite a few statuses that will be displayed for your newly created channel depending on your payment method. Assuming you have just completed Step 2 (regardless of Manual or Automatic Payment) here are the statuses you may see:

  • Not paid - Your payment may have not been verified by our team or you have an overdue payment.

  • Waiting for setup - Your payment has been verified by our team and it is in the process of setting up your WhatsApp account.

  • Got QR code - Your WhatsApp account has been setup and is ready for you to integrate with OneTalk inbox.

For Automatic Payment Method: You will be directed to the page below after verifying your payment.

Proceed to channel details by clicking on the created channel once your status is showing Got QR code.

If it has been more than 24 hours and your status is still either Not paid or Waiting for setup please don't hesitate to contact us.

A pop up alert will appear asking whether the phone number used has been active for more than 30 days, prompting you to choose from two options:

  • No, Under 30 Days

  • Yes, More Than 30 Days

If you are unsure, go with No, Under 30 Days which will lead you to Secure Authentication page.

Jump to one of these sections depending which one you have chosen:

No, Under 30 Days (Secure Authentication)

If you decided to click on No, Under 30 Days, you will be directed to Secure Authentication page.

Make sure you are using Google Chrome

Firstly click on Secure Authorization.

Click on Install extension

Important Note: Once you have installed the chrome extension make sure you refresh the page, do not click OK.

You will be taken back to the same view as you started at Secure Authentication. Go ahead and click on Secure Authorization again.

Open WhatsApp mobile app on your phone, go to Settings > WhatsApp Web/Desktop > Scan QR Code.

Once done, you will be taken back to your channel details page.

Jump to section Authentication done.

Yes, More than 30 Days (Authenticate Now)

If you decided to click on Yes, More than 30 Days, you will be directed to Authenticate Now page.

Follow the instruction that are on the page or simply open WhatsApp mobile app on your phone, go to Settings > WhatsApp Web/Desktop > Scan QR Code.

Once done, you will be taken back to your channel details page.

Authentication done!

Congratulations, you have successfully integrated your WhatsApp account with OneTalk. There are some key points that needs to be kept in mind:

  • There will be a syncing process time up to 48 hours, this entirely depends on the volume of messages you have on your WhatsApp account and also your internet connection. This may cause up to a 10 minute delay in receiving messages.

  • You must monitor the mobile phone connected with WhatsApp SME. We recommend you keep charge of the mobile phone at all times and make sure it has a stable internet connection.

  • You cannot use WhatsApp Web/Desktop on the same account of WhatsApp SME. You can still reply messages through WhatsApp mobile app but we highly recommend you download OneTalk's Mobile agent app on Google Play Store instead.

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