Get TapTalk Implementation Type

You can check the implementation type used in your application by calling getTapTalkImplementationType().

TapTalkImplementationType implementationType = TapTalk.getTapTalkImplementationType();


TapTalk implementation consists of 3 types which are:

  • TapTalkImplementationTypeUI: used for implementation with only TapUI

  • TapTalkImplementationTypeCore: used for implementation with only TapCore

  • TapTalkImplementationTypeCombine: used for implementation with both of TapCore and TapUI combined

Update Application Badge Count

Calling updateApplicationBadgeCount() will refresh the number of unread messages in the application and trigger the callback onTapTalkUnreadChatRoomBadgeCountUpdated() present in TapListener.


Remote Configs

A project owns a remote configuration, which consists of 3 configuration types: Core Configs, Project Configs, and Custom Configs. A configuration value can be obtained with the respective configuration type's getter method, and will return a Map object. To get a specific value, call the get() method from the returned Map with the respective key. The value obtained will always be in a String format and should be converted each according to their uses. Each configuration type will be explained below.

Core Configs

Config Key



Number of maximum allowed chat media file size in bytes


Number of maximum allowed group chat room profile picture file size in bytes


Number of maximum allowed user profile picture file size in bytes


Number of maximum allowed participants in a group chat room


Number of maximum allowed participants in a channel

Below is an example to get the value of chatMediaMaxFileSize:

Map<String, String> coreConfigs = TapTalk.getCoreConfigs();
String maxFileSizeString = coreConfigs.get("chatMediaMaxFileSize");
long maxFileSizeValue = Long.valueOf(maxFileSize);

Project Configs

Config Key



"0" if username in the project is case sensitive "1" if username in the project is case insensitive

An example to obtain usernameIgnoreCase value:

Map<String, String> projectConfigs = TapTalk.getProjectConfigs(); 
String usernameIgnoreCase = projectConfigs.get("usernameIgnoreCase");
boolean isUsernameIgnoreCase;
if (usernameIgnoreCase.equals("0")) {
    isUsernameIgnoreCase = false;
} else if (usernameIgnoreCase.equals("1")) {
    isUsernameIgnoreCase = true;

Custom Configs

Custom config values are specified by the user, and can be customized through the Dashboard. To get the project's custom configs, call the getCustomConfigs() method.JavaKotlin

Map<String, String> customConfigs = TapTalk.getCustomConfigs();

Refresh Remote Configs

To refresh remote configs with the latest updated values, call the refreshRemoteConfigs() method in class.

TapTalk.refreshRemoteConfigs(new TapCommonListener() {
    public void onSuccess(String successMessage) {
        // Updated configs successfully

    public void onError(String errorCode, String errorMessage) {

Enable / Disable Auto Contact Sync

If you are using UI implementation method in your application, provides a feature to automatically sync your user's phone contacts with their contacts. You can choose to enable or disable auto contact sync by calling these methods. If auto contact sync is enabled, will automatically sync your user's phone contacts and add them to contacts if their phone number is registered to when the application is opened. Please note that the default value is enabled.JavaKotlin

public void onCreate() {
    // Call this method to enable or disable auto contact sync
    // The default value is set to enabled if you do not set this method

Parameters IS_ENABLED: (boolean) set to true to enable auto contact sync

Get Auto Contact Sync Status

Use this method to obtain auto contact sync status. This method will return true if auto contact sync is enabled.

boolean isAutoContactSyncEnabled = TapTalk.isAutoContactSyncEnabled();

Get Current Activity / Fragment in TapUI

You can obtain the currently showing room list fragment, chat activity, or any TapTalk activity from TapUI using the following methods:

// Obtain TapUIRoomListFragment

// Obtain currently showing TapUIChatActivity

// Obtain any AppCompatActivity in the foreground

Note: the methods above may return null if the selected activity or fragment is not found.

Set Image Compression Quality

You can customize the compression quality of images used for upload and download. The range of the compression quality is set between 10 and 100. The higher the quality, the better the images will look, but they will also take more storage space as their size increases.


Parameters IMAGE_COMPRESSION_QUALITY: (int) image compression quality between 10 to 100

Smart Local Cache Management

In order to optimize storage usage and performance, cleans any local data of messages that are older than 1 month. This cleanup runs on a scheduled interval. Deleted messages can later be retrieved from the server when required.

Encrypted Chat SDK encrypts all message contents before sending them to the server to protect any sensitive content contained in the messages. All messages received and stored in the server will stay encrypted. Messages will be decrypted once fetched in end user's local device in order to show their contents. uses AES Crypt combined with secure local password to encrypt and decrypt message contents.

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