Get Started

In this article, we will explain how to integrate a custom chatbot into your channel at OneTalk by

Step 1: Create a Custom Chatbot

To create a new chatbot, from the Dashboard page, choose Integration -> Chatbots and click on Create Chatbot button

Choose Custom Chatbot from the dropdown in the Chatbot Type field

The Chatbot URL field will show up, Chatbot URL is the webhook endpoint for your chatbot engine to receive a message.

Click the Save Changes Button and your newly created chatbot will show up on the Chatbots page.

To view the chatbot details, click on the View button.

Step 2: Connect Chatbot to Channel

To connect a chatbot to your channel, from the Dashboard page, select the channel where the chatbot will be connected to in Channels section.

Select your preferred channel, scroll down to the Chatbot section and click on the Set Chatbot button.

Select our previously created chatbot from the Chatbot Path dropdown and click on the Save Changes button.

Congratulations, your chatbot has been successfully connected to your channel.

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