Edit or Delete Chatbot

You can make an update to your chatbot details and config by going to Chatbot List page, then clicking on the View Icon Button to go to the Chatbot Details page.

On the Chatbot Details page, you will see two sections, Chatbot Details section, and Chatbot Configs section.

The Chatbot Details section will contain the basic information about your chatbots such as Chatbot Name and Chatbot Type. You can choose to edit your chatbot name or delete your chatbot.

The Chatbot Configs section will contain the configuration information of your chatbot, there are the Chatbot URL, Webhook URL, and Secret Key field. By clicking on the Edit button, you can update the Chatbot URL of your chatbot.

If you click the Delete button in the Chatbot Details section, you will be prompted with a deletion confirmation pop-up. If you wish to delete your chatbot then click on the Delete Chatbot button.

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