Customize Chat Features

If you are using the default interface from UI implementation type, you can choose to enable or disable the available chat features that we provided by using the TapUI class.

Enable / Disable Message Read Status

You can choose to enable or disable read status of messages in room list and chat room. When disabled, read messages will show as delivered instead. Read status is enabled by default.

[[TapUI sharedInstance] setHideReadStatus:ENABLED];

Enable / Disable Add Contact Feature

You can also choose to enable or disable the user from adding another user as TapTalk contact.

[[TapUI sharedInstance] setAddContactEnabled:ENABLED];

Note: Disabling add contact feature will also hide the following:

• Add to Contacts button in chat room

• Add to Contacts button in user profile

• New Contact button in start new chat page

• Scan QR Code button in start new chat page

Customize Room List Features

The following features in TapTalk default room list can be customized:

• Close Room List Button

• Search Chat

• My Account

• Start New Chat

[[TapUI sharedInstance] setCloseRoomListButtonVisible:VISIBLE];

[[TapUI sharedInstance] setSearchBarInRoomListVisible:VISIBLE];

[[TapUI sharedInstance] setMyAccountButtonInRoomListVisible:VISIBLE];

[[TapUI sharedInstance] setNewChatButtonInRoomListVisible:VISIBLE];

Customize Chat Room Features

The following features in TapTalk default chat room can be customized:

• User / Group Profile Button

• Add to Contacts

• Mention Username

• Send Voice Note

• Link Preview in Message Bubble

[[TapUI sharedInstance] setProfileButtonInChatRoomVisible:VISIBLE];

[[TapUI sharedInstance] setAddToContactsButtonInChatRoomVisible:VISIBLE];

[[TapUI sharedInstance] setMentionUsernameEnabled:ENABLED];

[[TapUI sharedInstance] setSendVoiceNoteMenuEnabled:ENABLED];

[[TapUI sharedInstance] setLinkPreviewInMessageEnabled:ENABLED];

Customize Chat Room Attachments

You can choose to enable or disable message attachments in chat room as follows:

• Documents

• Camera

• Gallery

• Location (requires Google Places API Key)

[[TapUI sharedInstance] setDocumentAttachmentEnabled:ENABLED];

[[TapUI sharedInstance] setCameraAttachmentEnabled:ENABLED];

[[TapUI sharedInstance] setGalleryAttachmentEnabled:ENABLED];

[[TapUI sharedInstance] setLocationAttachmentEnabled:ENABLED];

Note: Location attachment will be disabled by default when Google Places API Key is not set from TapTalk class.

Customize Chat Bubble Long Press Action

You can choose to enable or disable long press action menus in chat room as follows:

• Reply Message

• Forward Message

• Edit Message

• Delete Message

• Delete Others' Message by Admin

• Message Info

• Save Media to Gallery

• Save Document

• Open Link

• Compose Email

• Dial Number

• Send SMS

• View Profile

• Send Message

• Report Message (disabled by default)

[[TapUI sharedInstance] setReplyMessageMenuEnabled:ENABLED];

[[TapUI sharedInstance] setForwardMessageMenuEnabled:ENABLED];

[[TapUI sharedInstance] setEditMessageMenuEnabled:ENABLED];

[[TapUI sharedInstance] setDeleteMessageMenuEnabled:ENABLED];

[[TapUI sharedInstance] setAllowDeleteOthersMessageForAdminEnabled:ENABLED];

[[TapUI sharedInstance] setMessageInfoMenuEnabled:ENABLED];

[[TapUI sharedInstance] setSaveMediaToGalleryMenuEnabled:ENABLED];

[[TapUI sharedInstance] setSaveDocumentMenuEnabled:ENABLED];

[[TapUI sharedInstance] setOpenLinkMenuEnabled:ENABLED];

[[TapUI sharedInstance] setComposeEmailMenuEnabled:ENABLED];

[[TapUI sharedInstance] setDialNumberMenuEnabled:ENABLED];

[[TapUI sharedInstance] setSendSMSMenuEnabled:ENABLED];

[[TapUI sharedInstance] setViewProfileMenuEnabled:ENABLED];

[[TapUI sharedInstance] setSendMessageMenuEnabled:ENABLED];

[[TapUI sharedInstance] setReportMessageMenuEnabled:ENABLED];

Customize Start New Chat Features

If setNewChatButtonInRoomListVisible is enabled (default), you can also customize the availability of its contents:

• Add New Contact (add contact by search)

• Scan QR Code (add contact by scanning QR code)

• Create new group

[[TapUI sharedInstance] setNewContactMenuButtonVisible:VISIBLE];

[[TapUI sharedInstance] setScanQRMenuButtonVisible:VISIBLE];

[[TapUI sharedInstance] setNewGroupMenuButtonVisible:VISIBLE];

Customize My Account Page

You can choose to show or hide the logout and delete account button in TapTalk My Account page.

[[TapUI sharedInstance] setLogoutButtonVisible:VISIBLE];
[[TapUI sharedInstance] setDeleteAccountButtonVisible:VISIBLE];

Delete account button is hidden and does nothing if pressed by default, its action needs to be handled manually using TapUIMyAccountDelegate.

Customize User Profile Page

You can choose to show or hide the add to contacts & report/block button in TapTalk Chat Profile page.

[[TapUI sharedInstance] setAddToContactsButtonInChatProfileVisible:VISIBLE];

[[TapUI sharedInstance] setReportButtonInChatProfileVisible:VISIBLE];

[[TapUI sharedInstance] setReportButtonInUserProfileVisible:VISIBLE];

[[TapUI sharedInstance] setReportButtonInGroupProfileVisible:VISIBLE];

[[TapUI sharedInstance] setBlockUserMenuEnabled:ENABLED];

[[TapUI sharedInstance] setGroupInCommonMenuEnabled:ENABLED];

The report button is hidden by default, and the report button in group profile currently does nothing by default when pressed, its action needs to be handled manually using TapUIChatProfileDelegate.

Customize Star Message Menu

To enable or disable star message menu in chat room and chat profile page, you may call setStarMessageMenuEnabled: method from TapUI class. This feature is enabled by default.

[[TapUI sharedInstance] setStarMessageMenuEnabled:ENABLED];

Customize Room List Item Swipe Menu

User is able to swipe an item in the room list page to quickly complete some actions. To enable/disable this feature, you may call the following methods below.

// Enable/disable mark as read swipe menu action
[[TapUI sharedInstance] setMarkAsReadRoomListSwipeMenuEnabled:ENABLED];

// Enable/disable mark as unread swipe menu action
[[TapUI sharedInstance] setMarkAsUnreadRoomListSwipeMenuEnabled:ENABLED];

// Enable/disable pin and unpin swipe menu action
[[TapUI sharedInstance] setPinRoomListSwipeMenuEnabled:ENABLED];

// Enable/disable mute and unmute swipe menu action
[[TapUI sharedInstance] setMuteRoomListSwipeMenuEnabled:ENABLED];

// Enable/disable delete chat swipe menu action
[[TapUI sharedInstance] setDeleteRoomListSwipeMenuEnabled:ENABLED];

Customize Saved Messages Feature

To enable or disable Saved Messages feature, call the setSavedMessagesMenuEnabled: from TapUI. This feature is enabled by default. Disabling this feature when the user has previously used it will not remove the user's existing messages that has been sent to the Saved Messages chat room.

[[TapUI sharedInstance] setSavedMessagesMenuEnabled:ENABLED];

Customize Pin Message Menu

To enable or disable pin message menu in chat room, you may call setPinMessageMenuEnabled: method from TapUI class. This feature is enabled by default.

[[TapUI sharedInstance] setPinMessageMenuEnabled:ENABLED];

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