Assign Agent to Topic

A step by step guide on how to integrate assign an agent to a topic in OneTalk by

Get your cases handled by the right people

Make sure the right agents are handling the right cases. With OneTalk you can achieve this by assigning specific agents to a specific topic.

Assigning agents to topics can only be done if your role is Owner or Admin

If you have just added a new topic and still on the topic detail page, skip to step 4

Step 1: Go to Organization

To get started, on the very left side menu click on Organization

Step 2: Go to Topics

A submenu should appear with different options, go ahead and select Topics.

Step 3: Open topic details

Step 4: Assign an agent

Step 5: Search and assign an agent

Click on the text box to select or search for a member (you can add multiple at once)

This will only show members that has created an account for OneTalk. If you cannot find any of the team members you are looking for, please refer to Team Members step 4.

Step 6: Confirm agents

Congratulations! You now have an assigned agent to this topic!

Once confirmed, your newly assigned agent will show up under the section Assigned Agents

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