TapUI and TapCore

There are three options to implement TapTalk.io chat framework to your application:

  • UI implementation method: the go-to option to quickly integrate TapTalk.io to your app, uses the default user interface that is managed by the TapUI class.

  • Core implementation method: a more advanced option to integrate TapTalk.io, which gives you more control over TapTalk.io functions. This method makes use of the TapCore classes to manage the chat functions inside the application.

  • Combined implementation method: an implementation method that uses both TapUI and TapCore.

What is TapUI?

TapUI is the manager class that is used to manage the user interface in UI implementation method. UI implementation is made to be the easiest and quickest method for developers to implement Taptalk.io chat framework in their application. Taptalk.io provides a default chat user interface so you are not required to create your own chat user interface as is usually done when implementing other chat SDK. TapUI also allows you to customize the chat appearance in your application so that it is not only easy and quick in integration, but will also fit your application's appearance with our customizable theme.

What is TapCore?

TapCore is the manager class to manage chat functions for applications that use TapTalk.io core implementation method. While UI implementation gives you easiness and quickness in integration, Core implementation will give you more control over Taptalk.io's more advanced functions. You can create your own chat user interface as you wish, and also customize your own chat logic according to your needs. TapCore provides you the necessities to integrate TapTalk.io chat framework to your application.

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