This is the official documentation for SendTalk's API

SendTalk is an OTP and notification blast solution for your marketing, sales, and customer support needs. This documentation includes a comprehensive guide on what things to do first. Please refer to Messages API for a more advanced guide to send a message from your system to WhatsApp numbers.

Getting Started

To start using our API, you need to generate an API Key first, to generate an API Key please follow the steps below:

How To Generate API Key

1. Go to API Tab

In the side menu, go to API Tab, and then click Create API Key button

2. Fill the Details

Fill the description of the API Key, and add valid duration if necessary

Please note that the API Key can not be used after the expiry date

3. Copy the provided API Key

After you complete the API Key creation, please select the View button and copy the API Key for the API usage.

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