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Quick Start helps you to implement real-time chat with any type of your client app with speed and efficiency. Our Javascript SDK provides you with various methods to initialize, configure, and build the chat from the client-side - no server-side implementation is required because our reliable infra management service is delivered with the SDK. This page presents a brief overview of the SDK’s structure and abilities, then lets you go through the preliminary steps of implementing the SDK in your own app.

Configure and Initialize Javascript SDK

Step 1: Create a new application from your dashboard

1. Login to Dashboard, then choose Development -> Apps

2. Click New App Button, input App Name and choose Platform, and then click Create New App Button.

3. A pop-up dialog will be shown with provided App Key ID & App Key Secret

Note: Please remember to save your App Key ID & your App Key Secret because it will only be shown once and will be used in initialization

Step 2: Install SDK

npm i

Step 3: Import to Your Project

import { taptalk, tapCoreRoomListManager, 
tapCoreChatRoomManager, tapCoreMessageManager, 
tapCoreContactManager } from ''

Step 4: Initialize


Parameters APP_KEY_ID: (String) application key ID APP_KEY_SECRET: (String) application key Secret APP_BASE_URL: (String) base API URL

Step 5: Authenticate to

In order to use the abilities of the Android SDK in your client app, a TapTalk instance must be initiated in each client app through user authentication with server. An authenticated user account allows the instance to communicate and interact with the server. To authenticate your user with the server, follow the instructions in Authentication page.

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