In order to use the abilities of the iOS SDK in your client app, a TapTalk instance must be initiated in each client app through user authentication with server. An authenticated user account allows the instance to communicate and interact with the server. The following explains how to authenticate your user with the server.

When the user logs in to your application, your backend server will have to request an Authentication Ticket from server. server will return the requested Authentication Ticket and user ID to your backend server. The client application (iOS or Android) can then retrieve the ticket from your backend server to implement's SDK by initializing the SDK using the obtained Authentication Ticket.

You can see the documentation on how to obtain Authentication Ticket from's Server on the Authentication in's Server API page.

Authenticate to server with an Authentication Ticket

Note: authentication should only be called once before the user is logged in or when the callback onTapTalkRefreshTokenExpired() is triggered in TapListener

TapTalk.authenticateWithAuthTicket(AUTH_TICKET, CONNECT_ON_SUCCESS, new TapCommonListener() {
    public void onSuccess(String successMessage) {
        // Authentication successful

    public void onError(String errorCode, String errorMessage) {


Parameters AUTH_TICKET : (String) an authentication ticket is required for this method CONNECT_WHEN_SUCCESS: (BOOL) if set to YES, application will connect to server after authentication is successfully completed

Check Authentication Status

You can check authentication status by calling isAuthenticated() method

boolean isAuthenticated = TapTalk.isAuthenticated();

Logout and Clear Data

Call this method when you need to logout and clear all local cached data from

//Logout from

Clear Data

You can clear all local cached data by calling clearAllTapTalkData() method.


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