Facebook Messenger Integration

A comprehensive step by step guide on how to integrate Facebook Messang as a channel into OneTalk by TapTalk.io.
Integrating OneTalk with Facebook Messanger will allow you to receive and reply incoming messages from Facebook in your inbox.
Integrating Facebook Messanger can only be done if your role is Owner or Admin.

Step 1: Create an Facebook Messanger channel

Start by clicking Integration on the side menu.
​A submenu should appear with different channel options, go ahead and select Facebook Messanger.
Once selected, go ahead and click on the Add Channel button
Next, you will have to login with your Facebook account, please click the Continue with Facebook button.
Note: Make sure you login with the Facebook account which has the access to the Facebook Page

Step 2: Login to Facebook account

Start by clicking Continue with Facebook button, you will be prompt to input your email or password for the first time, or after you've done login, it will show a popup like this.

Step 3: Choose Facebook Page

Next, it will prompt a pop-up to select Facebook Page. Select all the pages that you wish to integrate to OneTalk
After you choose the Facebook Page, you will be prompt to choose the permission, please select all the permission and click DONE.
Once you've seen the popup above, means your account is now connected to OneTalk.

Step 4: Choose connected Facebook Page

After you successfully logged in into your Facebook account, you will be shown screen as below:
Choose the FB Page you wish to integrate. Also, choose the related OneTalk topic for that channel
After you choose the FB Page and Topic, click Create Channel Button on the top right of the screen.
Congrats! You've successfully connected your Facebook account to OneTalk.
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