Google Business Messages Integration

A comprehensive step by step guide on how to integrate Google Business Messages as a channel into OneTalk by

Integrating OneTalk with your Google Business Messages will allow you to receive and reply incoming messages from your Business' Google Maps Location or Google Search Domain.

Integrating Google Business Messages can only be done if you have a verified location managed with your Google email.

Step 1: Create Google Business Messages Channel

Start by clicking Integration on the side menu.

A submenu will appear with different channel options, go ahead and select Google Business Messages.

Once selected, go ahead and click on the Add Channel button on top right corner of the page.

  1. Choose a topic to be assigned to the channel.

  1. Setup your Channel Profile This display name and profile logo will appear on your channel's profile.

  1. Setup Greeting Message for you channel This message will appear when your customer enter the chatroom for the first time.

  1. Enable / Disable Entry points for your channel

Enabling Local Entry Point will allow your customers to reach you by clicking 'Chat' button in your Google Maps business's location.

You can manage the locations later after you have successfully created a Google Business Messages Channel.

Enabling Non-Local Entry Point will allow your customers to reach you by clicking 'Chat' button on your business' domain from Google Search result.

To setup your Non-Local Entry Point, you must input these data:

  1. Domain(s)

    You can add list of domains that you want to be the entry points for your customers to reach you.

  2. Region

    Choose region to filter from where your customer can reach you according to their region.

Once you have filled all the required data, click create channel button to finalize.

Once you have successfully created channel, you can continue to the next step.

Step 2: Request Verification for your channel

Before starting the verification process, note that some fields can not be modified once you have verified your channel:

  1. Channel Profile

  2. Enable / Disable Local and Non-Local Entry Points

  3. Non-Local Entry Point's data

A verification must be done before you can continue to the next setup for your channel.

Click 'Request Verification' to start channel verification.

Note: Domain in the 'Employee Email' must be related to the business that you want to integrate

Fill in required data to request verification and click 'Request Verification' button.

After submitting, Google will automatically send you 2 separate emails to the email that you input to Employee Email field.

Step 3: Confirm verification through employee email

Check your email for 2 email from Google.

First email will contain security key that you will have to use to confirm verification in the second email.

Second email will contain an instruction from Google that will ask you to reply their approval email for TapTalk to send messages that represent your brand.

You must reply to the second email to continue the verification process with this line:

“I, [name of brand employee] and [title of employee], grant [messaging_partner_name] the right to send Business Messages using the information specified in this email. Security key: [Google-provided security key from separate email]”

There's a chance that you will receive blank security key, then you have to send the second email without the security key.

After you replied to the second email, Google will start the review of your verification request and will get back to you through email no later than 1 business day.

Continue to Step 4 if you use Local Entry Point for your Google Business Messages Channel.

Continue to Step 5 if you only use Non-Local Entry Point for your channel.

Step 4: Setup Local Entry Points

To enable / disable Local Entry Point click 'Edit' button on the top right corner.

To add location to Local Entry Point click 'Add Location' button on the top right corner and a pop up will appear.

You can add location in 2 ways:

  1. Manual Add New Location

    Input Place ID and Place Alias to add a location to your Local Entry Point List. Click the hyperlink below Place ID field to find the ID that you need to input for your location.

    Once you have been redirected to Google Developer Page, find your location by searching it on the top left corner of this page and copy the Place ID of your location. Paste the ID to Place ID field, input Place Alias, and click save changes to finalize adding your location to Local Entry Point.

  2. Import Locations To add many locations at once, you can use import locations feature. Download template first and then you can copy your data into the template for upload.

Once you have added your locations, a table with all your locations will show up on Entry Point page. Next you will have to request verification for the locations before you can continue to the next step.

To request verification for the locations, you can simply click 'Request Verification' button on 'Verification Status' column.

Step 5: Launch Entry Point

You can change the status of your entry points to launched by clicking the button 'Launch'. Launching your channel's entry point means you are enabling your customers to reach you through listed locations / domains.

For Local Entry Point, every locations in the launch table is the locations that has already been verified.

For Non-Local Entry Point, launch list will show the regions that you have chosen. This list will only appear if you have Non-Local enabled and channel profile verified.

Congrats! You've successfully launched your entry point to OneTalk and you can start receiving and sending messages through OneTalk inbox.

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