Background Process in

An application integrated with framework will keep executing certain tasks even when the app is on the background if the conditions are met, this is done to make sure that the users' chat experience proceed smoothly. The background services will be automatically terminated once all the tasks are completed or reached a timeout. Please follow the following section to enable background mode in your application, The following are the processes that are required to run in the background:

Pending Messages Queue

Messages that the user is going to send are placed into a queue before they are sent to the server. If the app enters the background when unsent messages exist in this queue, services will keep running until all the pending messages are delivered to the server and all other tasks are completed.

File Downloads

When a user-initiated file download from, such as file message or video message, is in progress, will preserve the download progress even if the app is moved to the background. The services will stop once all the file downloads and other tasks are finished.

File Uploads background process will also be kept running in the background when user is sending messages with attachment, such as image, video, and file messages. The services will stop once all the file uploads and other tasks are finished.

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