Telegram Integration

A comprehensive step by step guide on how to integrate Telegram as a channel into OneTalk by

If you wish to integrate Telegram as a channel into OneTalk by, the most important thing to do is to create a Telegram bot and obtain the Bot token.

In this article, we will explain to you step-by-step how to create a Telegram bot and obtain the bot token and then integrating the Telegram into our dashboard.

If you already have the Telegram Bot and have Bot Token, please proceed to step 2.

Step 1: Create Telegram Bot and Obtain Bot Token

You can follow these steps for a quick way to create a bot on Telegram. For more detailed information, you can find it on the official site.

1.Open @BotFather in Telegram

Open your Telegram app, find Telegram bot named "@botfather", he will help you with creating and managing your bot.

2.Create new Telegram bot

Click Start and type "/newbot" for creating a new Telegram bot. You can type “/help” for all possible commands that the Botfather can operate.

Follow the instructions given and create a new name for your bot. If you are making a bot only for experimentation, as it has to be a unique name, you can use namespace your bot by placing your name before it in its username. On completion, Botfather will generate a link to your bot and your bot token.

Congrats! You've just created your Telegram bot with the provided bot token. You will see a new API token generated for it. In the sample above, it's 1453797035:AAHwi4rkmgpDihooGSE677QL3uCxJmErdNQ. Now you can copy that token and input the bot token into our Telegram integration page.

Step 2: Integrating Telegram into OneTalk by Dashboard

After you create your Telegram Bot and obtain Telegram Bot Token, you can integrate your Telegram Bot into our dashboard, please follow these steps for a quick way to integrate the Telegram Bot

1. Create New Channel Open OneTalk Dashboard, click Integration > Telegram menu and click Add Channel

2. Insert Channel Name & Validate Bot Token

Select the topic for this channel (Each Telegram bot will be tied into a single topic of your own choosing so that each incoming message to these accounts will be grouped to the topic of your choice), then input your Bot Token. After that click Validate Button.

3. Connect the Channel Make sure your Bot Token is valid. If your Bot Token is valid, the Bot Username and Bot Name will be shown here. After that you can press Connect button to connect your Telegram Bot to our dashboard.

Congrats! Your Telegram Bot is now connected to our dashboard, now you can send and receive messages that are coming from that particular Telegram account. For more information about the integration process, please do not hesitate to send us an email at

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