Get Started helps you to implement real-time chat with any type of your client app with speed and efficiency. Our Platform API provides you with various methods to initialize, configure, and build the chat from the client server side. This page presents a brief overview of's Server API structure and abilities.

Configure and Initialize

Create a new server from your dashboard

To create a new server, choose Development -> Servers. Input server data and then click Create New Server button.

A pop-up dialog will be shown with provided Server Key ID & Server Key Secret

Note: Please remember to save your Server Key ID & your Server Key Secret because it will only be shown once.


Server Key ID and Server Key Secret will be used to construct a request and add as a HTTP Header. To construct a request, please format your generated Server Key ID and Server Key Secret and wrap it to Base64, so the format will be like this:

BASE64(SERVER_KEY_ID:SERVER_KEY_SECRET) *don't forget to add colon (:) between Server Key ID and Server Key Secret

And put it on your HTTP Header Field with key “Server-Key” and then construct URL request and parameter for the request.

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