Event Delegate

The iOS SDK provides event delegates to listen to various events on the client app. Through these event delegates, TapTalk.io notifies the client app of events that happen on your app.
You will need to register the delegate objects to receive event callbacks from TapTalk.io.
Event Delegate Name
Listens to general event changes in the application


General events such as notifications will be notified through TapTalkLiveDelegate. A TapTalkLiveDelegate instance is required when initializing TapTalk.
Note: Make sure to add #import <TapTalkLive/TapTalkLive.h> before registering the delegate
#import <TapTalkLive/TapTalkLive.h>
//Add TapTalkDelegate declaration
@interface ViewController () <TapTalkLiveDelegate>
@implementation ViewController
- (void)function {
//Set TapTalk delegate to current
[[TapTalkLive sharedInstance] setDelegate:self];
#pragma mark - Delegate
#pragma mark TapTalk
- (void)didTappedCloseButtonInCreateCaseViewWithCurrentShownNavigationController:(UINavigationController *)navigationController {
//Listen to event when user click close button in create case view
- (void)didTappedCloseButtonInCaseListViewWithCurrentShownNavigationController:(UINavigationController *)navigationController {
//Listen to event when user click close button in case list / room list view
Method Name
Invoked When
User click close button in Create Case View
User click close button in Case List View