Room List - TapUI

If you are using UI implementation type, you can use the method below to open's chat room list view.

//Import TapUIRoomListViewController
#import <TapTalk/TapUIRoomListViewController.h>
#import <TapTalk/TapUI.h>

//Initialize room list view controller here
TapUIRoomListViewController *roomListViewController = [[TapUI sharedInstance] roomListViewController]; 
UINavigationController *roomListNavigationController = [[UINavigationController alloc] initWithRootViewController:roomListViewController];
//You can choose to present or push view controller using this code
//Present room list view
[self presentViewController:roomListViewController animated:YES completion:^{
//Push room list view
[self.navigationController pushViewController:roomListNavigationController animated:YES]; 
//Or you can add to your window root view controller
self.window.rootViewController = roomListNavigationController;

Note: You can get current view controller or navigation controller to integrate to your current view controller by using getCurrentTapTalkActiveViewController method.

Room List View Controller Lifecycle

If you need to do something in TapUIRoomListViewController view lifecycle, you can implement our TapUIRoomListViewControllerLifecycleDelegate in Event Delegate - Room List Lifecycle Delegate section.

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